1. MrHugo

    WTB: Fujitsubo Super Ti Titanium Exhaust for NA1

    WTB: Fujisubo Super Ti Titanium Exhaust for NA1
  2. Headers Comptech Headers - taken off 1994 NSX

    I'm a newbie NSX owner and Prime user. Not able to load pics, but happy to email them so PM me. Comptech Headers Originally purchased by original owner in 1995. Converted majority of NSX back to stock by Foreign Affairs Auto in Santa Clara. Kevin and Mark at FAA are both familiar with my...
  3. RS-R Exhaust and Top Speed Pro Headers

    Was on my 91 NSX when I bought it and my car with about 55,000 miles on it. 1. RS-R exhaust is made is Japan and high quality. Great condition but does have some rust near the end of the inside of the tailpipes probably due to condensation from short drives but does not effect performance...
  4. BRAND NEW! NA1 3.0L 91-94 Billy Boat Headers $1750 obo

    BRAND NEW! NA1 3.0L 91-94 Billy Boat Headers $1650 shipped! Hello all! I had a one off made set of Billy Boat Headers for my 1992 NSX. This was built to order (with a very long wait time) about 2 years ago. I never installed them. I have since sold my car and am now cleaning out the parts bin...
  5. Grimeas

    Headers Love Fab headers

    Set of love fab headers. Had for awhile but never got around to having a weld repaired that is cracked as seen in pictures. $200 $ 40 to ship
  6. Exhaust OEM1991-1992 Tips wanted.

    Hello friends, please help me to find good stock exhaust tips for NSX 1991. Thanks a lot.
  7. willabeest

    Headers Comptech stainless steel headers

    delete if possible
  8. willabeest

    Headers comptech headers for 1992 NSX

    Comptech headers for 1992 NSX. i switched back to OEM headers to pass California smog at the request of my smog technician. they are CARB approved but per my tech they were not getting cats hot enough :-( they look pretty nice, shiny :-) there are some minor scratches about one inch in diameter...
  9. Si Espanol4Yes

    WTB: Lovefab Headers 1991

    Before purchasing through Lovefab, may as well see if anyone has some from a kit they are willing to part with. If so, please PM or email: [email protected] Thanks! -Garrett
  10. WTB: 97+ headers

    Hello All, Looking to get a bit more power out of my 91, if you have headers for sale, please let me know how much you are looking for. I would prefer to buy locally if possible. Thanks, -Mani
  11. WTB: 97+ headers

    Please delete, wrong thread! sorry!!!
  12. nsxnemo

    Headers 2004 oem headers with heat shields

    OEM headers off of a 2004. Comes with heat shields, no cracks and no O2 sensors. $700
  13. kennyvb

    Headers WTB: CARB-legal headers for '91

    Looking to pick-up a set CARB-legal headers for my '91. Must have EO number stamp valid for a '91. I believe Comptech (CT Engineering) and DC Sports are my only options. Thanks. All set
  14. 808NESSEX

    Headers SOS or CT Headers with adapters for 1992

    If anyone is changing their setup or have an extra set of headers please PM me. Thanks. Please include a price.
  15. kye

    Headers WTB:NA2 headers

    If anyone selling NA2 headers after swapping for after market please let me know by PM. Thanks!
  16. Taitec GTLW exhaust baffles--new

    Never used. Sold exhaust and never used these. $80 retail. Will take $60 shipped. Questions ..Steve at 479-435-0366 http://www.scienceofspeed.com/products/exhaust_airflow_products/NSX/TAITEC/quiet_tip/
  17. kuni

    Headers Comptech headers NA1 (95-99)

    Selling a set of used Comptech headers for 95-99 NSXs. (Sorry, was confused and put 91-94 in the title, which I can't edit.) It WILL work on 91-94 cars, but you will need an adapter to make them work. CARB exempt w/ plate and exemption # for CA smog. No dents or damage. Asking $800...
  18. BLineMotorsports

    B-Line Motorsports High-Flow Cats & Test-Pipes

    Built, designed, and fabricated for performance. B-Line Motorsports is proud to now offer high-flow catalytic converters and test-pipes for `96-`05 NSX’s. Constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel from end to end, and TIG welded consisting of 2.250” tubing and laser cut flanges allowing you to...
  19. Comptech Headers for 1991-1994 NSX

    For sale is a used set of Comptech headers off my '92 NSX. I believe that they have around 50k miles on them, but I am not sure as they came with the car when I bought it in 2000. O2 sensor holes are good. These are not stainless - but a little work with a wire brush and some hi-temp paint...
  20. gt_nfr

    Exhaust NA2 OEM Headers For Sale

    Hi, I have a set of OEM NSX headers originally from an early NA2 (1997-2001). They are in good condition and can be fitted on earlier NA1 (1991-1996) NSXs for 10-15hp gain across the entire powerband. Price: $300 + ship Location: Atlanta, GA You'll need adapters to fit these to 1991-1996...
  21. Nero Tenebre

    Headers OEM Exhaust Manifold & Heat Shields 1995

    18100-PR7-A00 MANIFOLD ASSY., FR. EX. 001 1995 NSX $338.02 List 18110-PR7-A00 MANIFOLD ASSY., RR. EX. 001 1995 NSX $338.02 18120-PR7-A00 COVER, FR. EX. MANIFOLD 001 1995 NSX $249.88 18130-PR7-A00 COVER A, RR. EX. MANIFOLD 001 1995 NSX $249.88 18131-PR7-A00 COVER B, RR. EX. MANIFOLD 001 1995...
  22. gt_nfr

    Installing 97+ headers on my '93 - Advice needed

    Hey guys, I'm planning on installing a set of 97+ headers in the next few weeks. Is there anything else in terms of maintenance that would be good to go ahead and do since I have a lot of exhaust components off of the car? My car SHOULD have the W/P and timing belts replaced due to age (7...
  23. gt_nfr

    Headers WTB - 97+ Exhaust Manifold / Header heatshields

    Looking for a complete set of OEM heat shields for the OEM exhaust manifolds. Let me know if you have yours laying around!
  24. Exhaust NA2 1998 OEM Headers + Cat back

    NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE THANKS I've upgrade my headers and catback system to install a SC kit. Now I am ready to sell : OEM headers ( excellent upgrade for 1991 to 1996 NSX ) - 450 USD + shipping from Montreal, Quebec, Canada OEM cat back - 300 USD + shipping from Montreal, Quebec...
  25. Cantrell Concepts

    Headers Header adapter pipe kit. Fit any 97+ header to your 91-96 NSX

    These are brand new adapter pipes including all necessary hardware, and o2 extension harnesses to install factory or aftermarket late model headers on your early model NSX. Only a few pair left in stock. 200.00 plus 19 U.S. shipping