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  1. tbox

    WTB - OEM Passenger Seat, Driver Carpet, AC Condenser, Headliner, Sash Covers

    Looking for some parts for a '93 NSX: 1. OEM passenger seat - Found 2. Driver-side floor carpet in any color - Found 3. Driver-side AC condenser assembly - Found 4. Coupe headliner (grey) - Found 5. Coupe Sun visors (grey) - Found 6. Coupe B-pillar trim (grey) - Found 7. Interior door sash...
  2. Midnight_Raven

    Interior Works Bell QR, Taitec Hub, Type-R shift ball, Mugen Horn, Headliner set for sale

    I have random interior items for sale. They are for sale since I no longer need them. Items have not been packaged up yet. If we agree on a price I will ask that you hold off making payment until after I box the item up for you. Update: I'm deleting pictures of sold units to condense the post...
  3. Seat hight or headline modification

    I am looking to buy an NSX and I have test driven several cars. While I am only ~6 foot tall, I have a long upper body. Due to my upper body length, I cannot adjust the stock seat so that my head does not hit the bump in the back of the headliner. Can the seats be modified (or lower...