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  1. ***BEWARE! SCAM!*** 1 Owner From New! 1999 Honda NSX. Black. Pop Up Head Lights. 20,500 miles! Rare Two Tone Optional Interior. Stunning Inside Out!

    Words Can not really describe just how beautiful and Rare this car is with this spec, one man ownership and mileage. Alas I need to let it go to someone else who can cherish it. Photos on my Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1coYKYJ5WnK7BMCA6ZIZVB8aXx67rQAfc I urge you to...
  2. Connecticut: Acura NSX Instrument Gauge Cluster Trim Panel 77201-SL0-A00ZA

    Honda Acura NSX Instrument Gauge Cluster Trim Panel Part Number 77201-SL0-A00ZA Fits '91-'05 Acura NSX's Comes with all 3 trim switches and are in working condition. $400 Shipped. Located in Milford, CT
  3. Wheels ***SOLD*** - MINT_OEM NSX Wheels (2002-2005)

    SOLD - These are excellent condition OEM NSX wheels that will fit 2002-2005. These original wheels came in beautiful chrome finish and show no signs of curb rashes or scruffs. The tires will come with the wheels, although they are in good condition the age/year is dated, just Fyi. Please email...
  4. Help with reading the ALB TCS error codes

    Hi Guys, Very new to the Forum. I recently purchased a 1991 JDM NA1. My knowledge of the car is very limited. The ALB and TCS lights are off when I start the engine. Everything looks normal. After 1 min after I start to accelarate the car, the ALB light flash and TCS light follows. The car...
  5. Literally any NSX under 35k

    I'd hope you guys could help me in a search for a NSX that preferably has a clean history, but whatever will do. I just like something that isn't too beaten up. Also I'd prefer under 200k miles. Although it's a long shot, I hope y'all could help me out. I am near Houston, just in case some...
  6. bmansi

    Exterior Rebadge your NSX. Both Honda badges: Rear center garnish and front emblem

    Sold - Thank you Prime!!! Finally having found original "Acura" garnish and emblem, I now have a beautiful set of Honda badges I'd like to sell to someone wanting to make this change. Selling both for $200 includes shipping in continental US. Condition - Excellent for both pieces. See Pics.
  7. oscar_driver

    NSX 1997 OEM Wheels

    THESE ARE SOLD! Thank you Prime! ADMINS PLEASE LOCK! Howdy! I rather sell these LOCAL - South Florida 1997 OEM Wheels, 65K miles. These are currently plastidiped (on top of the old gunmetal paint) with the "H" center cap and need to be refinished, great track wheels or I am sure they will...
  8. 29K-Mile 2004 S2000 on BaT

    For those who are interested, I am auctioning a 29k mile Grand Prix White S2000 on Bring a Trailer. The car has been a special part of our garage for a long time, so I'd like to see it sell to an enthusiast. You can find the listing below. http://bringatrailer.com/listing/2004-honda-s2000-9/
  9. New Owner of a 1992 (JH4NA1155NT000678) in the Bay Area

    Hi everybody, Like many others, I've been looking for an NSX for a while (1yr 7months). I didn't actively search for one until 8 months ago. I was really picky with the NSX I wanted which was why it had took me a while to get one. I've been lusting for an NSX ever since I saw my neighbors a few...
  10. Andr3w

    S>Honda Monopoly Board Game

    Selling a new and sealed Honda Monopoly board game. This was only available to associates of Honda of Canada Manufacturing to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Made in the USA, except for the dice. Looking for $135 USD + shipping (from Toronto) obo. Thank you.
  11. chussey

    OEM Honda Tall Oil Filter

    I have ONE of the original and very hard to find tall OEM Honda oil filters available. In great shape. $60 shipped.
  12. 8/25/2016 Live Reveal - NSX "Super Sport"?

    There appears to be some kind of live debut of a Super Sport version of the NSX next Thursday. I don't know too much else since with it being difficult to translate from Japanese. Press Release: spr.ly/6016BFYQe<strike></strike>
  13. New NSX NA1 Owner (Japan) / New Prime member

    Good Day, I recently just picked up a black 1991 NA1 Honda NSX. It has about 134,000 KM on the odometer and is in pretty good condition from what I can tell. The clutch is a little rough mainly coming out of first gear but seems to smoothen out in other gears. I only have one picture for now...
  14. Honda Project 2 & 4 Concept (Frankfurt)

    I think this will be a cool concept. I'm glad Honda is playing around with more F1/race inspired designs to spice up the brand again. The question is, how much of these design traits will carry over to a production car? Source: http://www.autocar.c...w-new-track-car
  15. amgnsx

    Pride NEW NSX-R Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler Review

    Hi Prime I usually don’t write up a review of a product unless I am really happy with the purchase. I recently just purchased and installed the NEW Pride NSX-R Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler. This is a direct copy of the NSX-R Wing. It has the curved upper part and has a 3rd brake light just like...
  16. NSX69

    Production Body Spied @ the 'Ring

    2015 Honda/Acura NSX Spied @ the Nürburgring Ring Hiding Production Body The highly anticipated 2015 Honda/Acura NSX has been spied undergoing final testing in Germany around the Nürburgring circuit. Honda has been relatively quiet lately about the long-awaited NSX revival but now we have...
  17. oscar_driver

    nSexy - NSX - NSEX ?

    Took these while waiting to shoot something else! :D Nothing really new with the car, just fun and fun ... To share on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.641094415939891.1073741857.416330071749661&type=1 For them @ my site: http://moyanophotography.com/photo/automotive/nsex/...
  18. NSX69

    NewsDay on the Original NSX

    Honda's groundbreaking Acura NSX influenced Ferrari, challenged Lamborghini, Porsche Photo credit: Honda | The Acura NSX had VTEC variable valve timing, titanium connecting rods, all-aluminum body and suspension. Does this sound like a 25-year-old car? Nope. Acura's NSX has run circles...
  19. Ponyboy

    The Business of Honda

    I thought it’d be interesting to create a thread discussing Honda’s financial performance and business strategy and operations. There is a treasure trove and a sea of meaning behind business strategy and operations that can be uncovered by taking a look at what various ratios, press releases...
  20. NSX69

    Honda Already Working on NSX Roadster

    http://www.autoblog.com/2013/11/25/honda-nsx-roadster-report/ Honda already working on NSX roadster By Noah JosephRSS feed Posted Nov 25th 2013 9:59AM Honda doesn't do many convertibles. There was the original Sports 360, the Civic del Sol, the S2000 and the Beat. But so far...
  21. CK_SB

    Memorabilia Honda Racing Shirts from Speedgear

    I just wanted you all to know that I just posted a couple of button down, Honda racing shirts on Ebay. Auction is opening at $25.00 each. More details here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/141001034948?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 and here...
  22. oscar_driver

    That NSX! - By the Airport - Almost arrested but worth photos! :D

    So I got in trouble taking these!! Seems like you are not supposed to take photos around certain airports or areas around it! Still I managed to do some! To see All photos in their full uncompressed glory: http://moyanophotography.com/automotive/nsxdriver **Please share that link and click...
  23. 2007 HONDA CBR 600RR w/ UPGRADES

    delete delete
  24. sporteknik

    Rare JDM Honda NSX Tail Light Set

    Available is a rare set Japanese market (JDM) Honda NSX tail lights in excellent condition. $700 Shipped - Payment via PayPal
  25. oscar_driver

    The NSX Video that has IT ALL! - the one you were waiting for!

    This is it, I put all the GOODIES in one video, took me forever to download and compile everything! I know is long, but is worth it for us, Honda/NSX/Senna/F1 etc etc lovers!! Enjoy! <object width="640" height="360"><param name="movie"...