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  1. armyLT

    Forced Induction AEM Fuel/Ignition Controller F/IC-6

    AEM F/IC-6 for sale $300 MAG pick-up sensor. Used in my 1995 NSX-T with LoveFab Turbo Build. Let me know if interested with a PM or email, [email protected]

    Please Help Diagnose Problem.

    When key is turned to: Ignition position 1: Sound alerts that the door is open (door is open) until door is closed. None of the instrument gauge cluster lights lit on. Ignition position 2: Still No Gauge cluster instrument lights. Ignition position 3: Instrument Gauge lights lit on , engine...
  3. Help! Car Key Won't Turn to Start Engine!

    I was trying to start the engine this morning, and after sticking the car key in, it wouldn't turn to start the engine! WTF? The battery is not dead. I can still turn on the headlights and everything, but the key is just stuck. It wouldn't turn at all. Anyone have this problem before and know...
  4. swimmingpie

    CCU fan controller works with engine off, not when running

    I just recently repaired my climate control board on my '91, replacing all the caps and fixing any damage from the leaking goo. Before the fix, the fan only ran on high. Everything works perfectly when the engine is off and the unit is running from the battery. The fan will run at all the...
  5. NSX not starting

    Hi All, I started my 91NSX for my weekend drive and everything was great but when I got to the end of the driveway I turn it off to run back in the house. When I tried to start it again, it wouldn't start. The battery is new and it cranks but doesn't fire up, it has gas and i ohmed out the...