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  1. N-Wing

    Acura NSX CV Boot Replacement DIY Video 1991-2005

    Using NSXCA Tech Corner from the 2005 time frame I created this DIY video. I believe this was largely written by Larry B. I'm hoping this video provides some additional confidence for this activity. If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know. UPDATE: Funny when you watch...
  2. M

    Memorabilia OEM bra, bag, and instructions

    Nose mask is in good condition. Asking $100 + shipping costs, OBO. White felt backing is clean. The lower edge discoloration, is adhesive from fabrication. Snaps and S-Hooks, are in great working condition. 6 out of 10 bottom plastic clips are damaged, mostly in the middle. Slight 2' wide and 6"...
  3. N-Wing

    DYI Documentation: Rear Wheel Stud Replacement (Without Hub Removal Process)

    NSX Rear Wheel Stud Replacement without needing to remove the the wheel hub. Detailed Work Step Instructions. I created this documentation (as promised) after a number of prime members assisted me repairing my 2000 NSX when I broke 2 studs. This link goes to a PowerPoint which was output to...
  4. ffffanman

    Can we sticky this Supercharger Manual link?

    A while back I sent all the manuals that I have to Russell Salerno and he is hosting them on his website. I was wondering if we can lock this in some wheres on prime for all to see and utilize. Thanks Trev http://mosquitomagnet.hostoi.com/ctsc/