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  1. smanning

    Keyless entry intermittently re-locks the doors after unlocking with the key.

    I have the OEM keyless entry system in my 95, but I always use the key to lock/unlock the doors. Over the past week I noticed that sometimes I'd unlock it with the key, then go to open the door and it was still locked. I kept thinking I had turned the key the wrong direction, but this morning...
  2. Need new Key but I don't have the originals to chip the key

    What advice can you give a new NSX owner? Have have purchased a 2005 NSX and it only has one key. I when to a dealership and they said I needed the red key to program it. I didn't get that key with the car. The Acura dealer said I should go to the Honda dealer and they have a R5 key that might...
  3. sporteknik

    New NSX Metal Key 35113-SL0-A11

    Available is a brand new/uncut metal NSX key. $115 + Shipping