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  1. smanning

    Keyless entry intermittently re-locks the doors after unlocking with the key.

    I have the OEM keyless entry system in my 95, but I always use the key to lock/unlock the doors. Over the past week I noticed that sometimes I'd unlock it with the key, then go to open the door and it was still locked. I kept thinking I had turned the key the wrong direction, but this morning...
  2. S

    Factory keyless entry system wanted!! Acura # 08e60-sl0-201f, new or used ok

    HELP! I'm trying to find the optional factory keyless entry system for my 96 NSX. This was a dealer installed option, part #08E60-SL0-201F . That part replaced an earlier version, #08E60-SL0-200F , either one is ok. The part is discontinued and out of stock at Acura dealers, but I'm looking for...
  3. Caustic

    Interior OEM keyless entry

    OEM keyless entry for the NSX. No fobs, just the controller. New fobs can be sourced from Acura (or ebay, etc.) and reprogrammed to this controller. $150 obo