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  1. MrHugo

    Suspension Honda Modulo NSX Suspenion 5 Way Adjustable

    SOLD Price: $2,200 + Shipping Location: Hacienda Heights CA 91745 Selling a set of used Honda Modulo NSX Suspension 5 Way Adjustable - Purchased it recently but did not have a chance to install and now going a different route - Came off from a JDM car - Original owner claim he drove 4000...
  2. ca2822

    KWv3 Install

    Similar posts have already been made and discussions on KWv3 installs are already plentiful. I just thought I'd share my install experience and provide some motivation/help/insight to those attempting to install their coilovers! I don't have much experience with doing automotive installs and...
  3. FF Drifter

    Anyone in the area with KWv3?

    I'm trying to get a test ride in an NSX with this suspension setup. I'll happily drive to wherever your NSX is to get a feel for the suspension. Ideally I'd get to feel the car over a variety of road surfaces which I will then benchmark against my current Eibach/Bilstein setup. If you've got an...