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  1. NSX69

    NewsDay on the Original NSX

    Honda's groundbreaking Acura NSX influenced Ferrari, challenged Lamborghini, Porsche Photo credit: Honda | The Acura NSX had VTEC variable valve timing, titanium connecting rods, all-aluminum body and suspension. Does this sound like a 25-year-old car? Nope. Acura's NSX has run circles...
  2. oscar_driver

    2013 12 Hours of Maranello Madness! - Epic Photos - MoyanoPhotography :D

    On a typical FCA - South Florida fashion, a pretty Epic day, with TONS of Action @ the track and oh so many amazing cars all over the Palm Beach International Racetrack! To see all Photos (but here are some of the best!) : All Photos: FACEBOOK LINK...
  3. oscar_driver

    Eye Candy Supercar Photo selections! - Enjoy it <3

    Howdy, here are some of my favorite cars I had a honor to somehow take some photos of them, I call it " That .... " ... I know is lots of annoyingness with the copy behind + Photoshop + some will hate, is fine, I do this for the enthusiasts like me :D You can see the entire set in here...
  4. oscar_driver

    Miami Exotics & Espresso March 2013 / Some sweet shots!

    HI, I went last weekend to a local event here in South Florida with Miami Prestige. I took some photos! To see the entire album please come here: http://www.moyanophotography.com/automotive/exoticsespresso313/ ( you will not regret ) But here are some selections! :D...
  5. oscar_driver

    Some of my Epic Rolling Shots

    As some of you know, I have been taken photos for a while, then finally I decided to make a series just for the rolling shots .. I know some photos are dramatic/Photoshopped but that was the whole idea, pure drama, so it is a honor to share with you all! Whole SERIES are here: Moyano...
  6. oscar_driver

    Fort Lauderdale Ferrari Run + Exotics + NSX :)

    Last weekend we had a very fun bbq @ the Ferrari Fort Lauderdale dealer, then a cruise to the Dolphins Stadium for a private tour, it was a hell of fun, of course, my red NSX came :) and here are some of the pictures :) Enjoy...
  7. oscar_driver

    My Automotive Photos - MoyanoDesign

    I will start upload every once in a while in HERE, this thread, all my personal favorite pictures/sets of really worthy cars that I had the privilege to photograph! I am very limited with my camera but a better equipment will come soon, still, I would like to share some of my favorite sets :)...
  8. jordansx

    Aventador vs Murciélago SV featured on Autoblog and Free wallpaper ;)

    I've been waiting for almost an entire year now and with all the delays and set backs, it finally happened. Getting a brand new Aventador and Murciélago SV both in rare Bianco Canipus is quite a difficult feat. Not to mention getting security clearance/permits for a shoot at a very secure Las...
  9. oscar_driver

    July 9th South Florida drive To Palm Beach Pics - 56 K Nightmare

    Our local group of enthusiast decide to go for a nice drive, we had monsoon rains until 10am, still amazingly we had a HUGE turn over of cars! here are the pics: (as seen here: http://nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php?t=149857 )...
  10. oscar_driver

    Bull meets Samurai Photo shoot • Happy Holidays colors :D • Murcielago : NSX

    Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays We went for a drive + some photos with my Friends LP640 and our NSX, :) ... colors are Christmas/Holidays theme.. Enjoy :D To bad my camera was left ON on the car for like an hour, leaving me but almost NONE battery...