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led conversion

  1. Arc-Light

    [1st Gen] Arc-Light Returns - NSX LED Retrofits - Master Thread

    Been a few years but we're back with some exciting new products! Stay tuned as this thread will be updated over the next few weeks. But first... .:Tail Lights:. 8 Mile Brand new and never seen before! Our first kit that includes 8 user selectable designs including JGTC, 3 Bar...
  2. Arc-Light

    Arc-Light's most 'Advance' LED kit ever!

    Thank you First - I want to thank our early supporters that made this kit a reality. Without you I can say with 100% certainty that we wouldn't have taken on such an aggressive endeavor - your support has made it possible to bring to reality the finest LED kit ever made for our cars...
  3. Arc-Light

    Arc-Light --- Our website is ONLINE… Oh... and a cool SALE too!

    Our website >>> www.arclightleds.com <<< is online and to mark this special occasion we are happy to offer.... $100 off on orders with a pre-owned Arc-Light Blue Edition Controller! If you've followed us on prime, we recently released a new controller and offered it as a complimentary...