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led taillight

  1. mcrider

    LED Conversion with Hyperflash and Brake Lamp Failure Solution

    This will eventually be a DYI Wiki, but at the moment there are difficulties in editing the Wiki. This PDF File outlines plug-n-play solutions to two common problems when replacing incandescent bulbs on the NSX with LED bulbs, Hyperflashing and Brake Lamp Failure warning. For this project it...
  2. dreamerstudio

    B.E.A.M LED Taillights Conversion Project

    Hi, recently I started new project to modernize my NSX. Now, I like driving my NSX much more. Well, I hope you'll love your NSX more too!! Let me know how you like it!!! <iframe width="700" height="436" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/bI5HQ7mJkqM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <a...
  3. Kix's LED Taillights

    ----------------------KIX's Inventory------------------------- 1 - NA1/2 POD Kit (PICTURED BELOW) 1 - NA1/2 Full Bar Kit (PICTURED BELOW) ========================================= 1 - NA1/2 GTC Kits in Assembly (End of Jan 2011)...