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  1. Cluster dimming/ flickering on/off on bumps

    Hello, looking for some advice on an issue with my 91' coupe cluster. It seems when I hit bumps in the road (not severe) the cluster flicks off and on quickly and dims like a loose connection. After some research I found that the cluster connection on the backside of the cluster could be loose...
  2. Exterior Acura NSX Level 2 LED DRL Lights from EuroBoutique for NSX 2002-2005 NEW

    Here is the listing showing detailed photos and the item description (description printed below as well) https://www.ebay.com/itm/202259030765?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I am selling a set of brand new Level 2 LED DRLs (daytime running lights) from Euroboutique for...
  3. Risen

    Exterior 91-01 Rear Tail Lights

    1991-2001 Rear Tail Lights. All mounting studs are intact (10 per light) Cosmetically- Left: 9.6/10.0 Right: 9.9/10.0 (This one was bought new from dealership, a couple months old) $450 shipped (Boxed and ready to ship).
  4. jaja

    Back-Up Light Switch Replacement

    Hello Everyone, If both your back-up lights don't work when in reverse gear, you've got 5 possible problems: 1. Blown bulbs. 2. Blown fuse. 3. Gear Selector (Automatic Transmission Only) 4. Bad ground 5. Back-Up Light Switch __ You can find the relevant pages in the 1991 Service manual...
  5. Bright Light Tech

    Group Buy LED Tail lights Group Buy - Bright Light Tech

    This is a: Direct vendor group buy Minimum Number of Units (can be tiered pricing): 10 Maximum Number of Units (can be unlimited): 20 Closing Date: 90 days Product Will Ship: As payments are received Payment Procedure: Deposit of $100 upon sign up, balance due upon manufacture start...
  6. Clear bumper lights

    I have a nsx with amber bumper lights, i want to change it for the clear ones. If you have a set(L,R) used or new at good price. Let me know.
  7. Looking to buy front hazard/turn bumper lights

    hi everyone, looking for the pair of front bumper hazard/turn lights. if you got some lying around and working with no cracks, water condensation, etc. i'm interested. thanks nick pham [email protected] 713-256-6464
  8. Bwood

    Instrument warning lights come on and off

    randomly when I drive sometimes. Typically it is the Ebrake light on the dash.. it goes on.. stays on for a few minutes.. goes off.. sometimes remains off.. sometimes comes back on. Two other warning lights do similar things although not as frequently .. anti-lock and traction control...
  9. Invisiblevision

    HID Kit

    I have a set of 8000K HID's in the 9006 style for sale. I can get more if anybody wants them as well. 6000K, 8000K, and 10000K. Each set will do one complete low, or high beam conversion. 6000K puts out bright white light. 8000K puts out a baby blue light. 10000K puts out a blue, almost...