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  1. Ignition_Key

    NSX ─ Light weight LITHIUM Iron Phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) options

    I did some research and came across a few Lithium batteries that were lightweight, having different price points and warranties. There has been some debate that some AntiGravity Lithium batteries that have the restart technology interfere with the electrical system of the NSX by turning itself...
  2. chussey

    Kinetic Custom Machine Shorai Lithium Battery Tray and Charger

    Selling one Kinetic Custom Machine Shorai Lithium Battery Tray with terminal adapters. Anodized black. This tray is no longer available from Kinetic. A very high quality piece of machining. http://store.kcmachine.com/products/acura-nsx-na1-91-96-battery-tray-only I am also including a...