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  1. FF Drifter

    Exhaust WTB STMPO Messiah exhaust

    Looking for a Messiah exhaust by STMPO. My car is a 1995. Thanks!
  2. X

    Exhaust STMPO Messiah Exhaust

    Item no longer available. Please close thread. Here's your chance to own this rare STMPO Messiah Exhaust with titanium burnt tips that's no longer made. This exhaust is super light, sounds aggressive and mean. With this exhaust, my car feels so much faster and more responsive because of free...
  3. Nero Tenebre

    STMPO Messiah Exhaust Review

    I have recently installed this exhaust with optional burns mufflers & test pipes on my car- for about a month perhaps. My impressions: Weighs less than almost every exhaust ever made for the NSX, and this is critical in not only acceleration and braking but because this weight is removed from...