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  1. Accel Junky

    WTB: High mileage NA1 coupe - Red/Black OR any mileage Monte Carlo Blue NA2

    I've owned 3 NSXs and just sold my lovely garage queen. I'd like to keep an eye out for another NSX in case I come crawling back as usual. Cash in hand. I'm looking for a high mileage (don't care how high as long as the car is mechanically sound and cosmetically maintained) Red/Black or Red/Tan...
  2. Milestone achieved - 30,000 miles

    Sadly it's taken 14 years to get there but finally cross that 30,000 mile threshold. Time to get out and drive.
  3. N-Wing

    If you broke a timing belt, how many miles were on it and what age?

    I'm trying to get a feel how badly I should get my timing belt change. I generally go strictly by mileage and not age. That may be poor which is why I asking this question (I wish I could poll it somehow but maybe I will summarize the thread later). I have 2000 with 52k miles. I'm trying to...