1. Exterior FS: Spoon sports Aero Mirrors

    Hello all, I have a set of new in the box Spoon Aero side mirrors. These will fit all gen 1 NSX's from 91-05. I only inspected the mirrors for damage once received, but they've never been painted or installed. From Evasive Motorsports: "Light-weight FRP Construction, Paintable to match your...
  2. Spoon side mirrors, 97+ spare tire

    Hello all, I'm looking for a set of spoon side mirrors and a 97+ spare tire. If your selling either of these, please PM me.
  3. ilretep

    Exterior WTB: Gruppe M / Ganador Mirrors

    Hi, Looking for a pair of Gruppe M / Ganador Mirrors. If you have a pair laying around, please PM me. Thanks in advance!
  4. phryxis

    Spoon Aero Mirrors

    I just became a distributor for Spoon products. These mirrors are in stock at Spoon USA, which is local to me. MSRP: $965 Prime Price: PM me. I'm not supposed to list it, but your price will be cheaper than the group buy that went on a little while ago.
  5. Exiled

    FS: Spoon Mirrors / NA1 Tail Lights Full Set

    Brand New Official Spoon Mirrors from group buy, still wrapped and in original spoon box, unpainted. $900 shipped w/ insurance
  6. Mr. Fuji

    Exterior WTB OEM Side Mirrors in Good Condition

    Have some? Maybe you've put on some sweet CF AEM ones? I'll take yours off your hands. Send me a note. Fuji
  7. Jin1976

    Spoon side mirrors for S2000

    Can they fit on the NSX? It would be nice since they look a lot like the SuperGT mirrors. http://www.spoon.jp/eng/details.php?id=1072&md=s2000&cid=7