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  1. redNSeXy

    Crankshaft position sensor question

    I’m working on my 91 with a misfire on multiple cylinders. Has anyone experienced a bad crankshaft position sensor without a CEL code displayed?
  2. redNSeXy

    New to Prime in the Charlotte area

    Hi all! New here (sort of) but not a new owner. I bought my 91 in December of '05 and loved every minute of it. I have used Prime for years, however, to troubleshoot and fix things on the car but have never registered. I'd like to get to know some other owners in the Charlotte (and...
  3. Another misfire thread!!!

    Hi everyone! Never really post on here, actually this is my 2nd post, 1st was a thanks to Redbird for the negative battery cable. To the point now. I've got a 98 6 speed with about 79000 miles which I purchased last july and every once in a while (more so than none) I get a CEL and TCS. After I...