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model 5

  1. K

    Wheels Advan Model 5s 18x10+19, 17x9+22

    Selling my set of Model 5s. No trades. $3600. Text me at 562-665-8453. My inbox on here is full, if you PM me you will not get a response. 18x10+19 & 17x9+22 Brand new Federal 595 tires, 225/40, 215/40. Tires have less than 1k miles on them. - No cracks, have not been repaired or welded. -...
  2. K

    Advan AVS 18x10+19, 17x9+22

    Hello all! First post here and I'm selling my set of Model 5s. I think these are perfect spec for an NSX? I ran them for 1k miles on my S14 240sx and am currently selling the car! The tires are brand new. I know NSXs can fit real wide tires, unfortunately stock body 240s cannot, hence why such a...
  3. H

    Wheels Advan Model 5 18/19 Silver

    18x8+38 19x9+45 Wheels are in great condition with normal wear. No cracks/dents. Center caps and valve stems included. Fronts are wrapped in Falken Azenis 453's, maybe 50% tread. No tires on the rears. Price is $2,000. Will ship at buyers expense.
  4. C

    Wheels Advan AVS Model 5 17/18

    Advan AVS Model 5 17/18 Priced to GO!!! Super Rare Advan AVS Model 5s! The concave split spokes goes so well with the clean lines of the NSX. Perfect! Front: 17x7 et40 Rear: 18x9 et40 Newly refinished in hyper silver. Priced to go. $2000 shipped Please email for more info. Thanks Kit...
  5. Si Espanol4Yes

    Wheels Advan AVS Model 5 | 17x8 +30, 18x10 +19 | Machined Face, Silver Finish

    PRICE: $2600 OBO, Open to Trades Location: Fort Hood, Texas Name: Garrett Flush offsets and classic oem style finish (painted silver with CNC machined face and clear coat). Your car *MUST* be lowered to run these wheels. They are aggressive fitment as you can see by the photos previous...
  6. kuni

    Wheels Yokohama AVS Advan Model 5 wheels - 17x8, 18x10 - perfect sizing

    Selling my Yokohama AVS Model 5 wheels in perfect NSX fitment sizes - 17x8 +45, 18x10 +45. Flush without sticking out too much and risking rubbing, or requiring -3 camber and using thin tires. Best of all this is the 10 inch rear - almost every other set you see out there is has 9 inch wheels...
  7. nsxot1c

    Wheels 17/18 Advan AVS Model 5 Complete Set Silver 17x8 18x9 NSX Specific Fitment

    Super Rare Advan AVS MODEL 5 17/18 Bright Silver in PERFECT NSX FITMENT This is my last set of these wheels I have held onto for my NSX but I am selling the car so am offering the wheels for sale. I am selling off the last of my wheel collection. Complete set. 2-Front 2-Rear + caps/center cap...
  8. B

    Father/Son NSX's

    My dad has been a huge NSX fan ever since they came out in the 90's. The blue one is the 4th one he has owned. When I graduated about 1.5 years ago, he was generous enough to get me my very own black NSX. Since then, we have updated, customized, and cleaned up the look of our cars together...
  9. G

    Wheels AVS Model 5 wheels 17x8