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  1. stuntman

    Continental, ExtremeContact SPORT tire review -with Motec Data (MotoIQ) - Gen 1 sizes

    Hey guys, So I already posted this in the Gen 2 section because they offer Gen 2 sizes, but I wanted to post this under the Gen 1 tire section in case some of you don't drift over to the Gen 2 section (and why would you?) -Continental's BRAND NEW ExtremeContact Sport is offered in OEM 15/16...
  2. stuntman

    Continental, ExtremeContact SPORT tire review -with Motec Data (MotoIQ)

    Hey guys, Check out MotoIQ.com's tire test of the brand new Continental ExtremeContact SPORT -which debut earlier this month: “Same level dry performance as a Michelin Pilot Super Sport”. That is a HUGE statement by Continental when the PSS is hands down the segment leading benchmark...
  3. stuntman

    MotoIQ.com - Project Viper GTS: Pt 1 - History & Intro

    Hey guys, Check out MotoIQ's newest Project Car: Viper GTS - Part 1 History & Intro. "The Dodge Viper has been competitive on the world stage by doing it the American way: with big wheels, big brakes, big tires, a big engine, and not a lot of refinement. While it has always been a highly...