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  1. Arkaid

    OEM Engine Mounts Filled w/ Urethane

    SOLD For sale is my spare pair of OEM NSX engine mounts that have been filled with urethane via the Cedar Ridge Fabrication kit. I somehow have two sets of mounts and can only use one at a time obviously, so don’t really need these.. As mentioned, the mounts are the OEM Honda ones that have...
  2. Timing belt last drive?

    Looking purchase a nsx from California and drive it back to the east coast, timing belt was done in 07 or 30k ago will the car make the drive? I plan on changing when I make it back, just don't want to haul the car. Any input I'd greatly appreciated!
  3. chussey

    Custom Urethane High Performance Engine Mounts

    For sale I have a set of four engine mounts with custom made urethane inserts designed and installed by Prothane in LA. Prothane also made a full custom set of urethane suspension bushings for my NSX that work and feel awesome. I am unsure of the hardness/durometer of these mounts, so I am...
  4. chussey

    Engine / Motor Mount

    One NSX engine mount for models with a manual transmission. In great shape, still tons of life left. $120 shipped
  5. Powertrain WTB 3.2L engine

    Looking for a 3.2L engine block to rebuild the engine from a 2001 NSX. Current engine has a crack and is starting to leak coolant after 230K miles as a daily driver.
  6. Powertrain WTB: C32B Motor

    so may have spun my rod bearing on my 2002 nsx... may possibly be in the market for a C32B motor