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  1. Wild Turkey

    Garmin GPS Holder using Ashtray mount

    Do you find it hard to program and use your GPS because it is so far away when mounted to the front windshield? Or is it not stable enough when driving? This uses the ashtray mount to provide a very stable mount for your Garmin GPS since the windshield is so far away. Attachments included for...
  2. chussey

    Custom Urethane High Performance Engine Mounts

    For sale I have a set of four engine mounts with custom made urethane inserts designed and installed by Prothane in LA. Prothane also made a full custom set of urethane suspension bushings for my NSX that work and feel awesome. I am unsure of the hardness/durometer of these mounts, so I am...
  3. chussey

    Engine / Motor Mount

    One NSX engine mount for models with a manual transmission. In great shape, still tons of life left. $120 shipped
  4. Risen

    Where do you go to get your tires mounted?

    Hi guys! Where do you guys go to get your tires mounted / balanced in the NoVa / DC / MD area? I've taken my wheels (cheap cast ones) to Pepboys in Annandale and they've done a good job not nicking/scratching the wheels, even though they made me cringe a bit when they were using 2 big flat...
  5. mcrider

    DIY Smartphone Phone Holder for NSX

    There are several options Primer’s are using to mount their Smartphones that seem to work well (see thread iPhone Mount). However, I was after an unobtrusive solution that maintained a clean appearance in the cabin and could be easily removed. NOTE: This approach compromises the use of the...