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  1. stuntman

    My 2012 McLaren 12C Review

    Hey guys, Here's my 2012 McLaren MP4-12C review on MotoIQ.com. The article includes: -In-depth photos -Street & Track review -Motec Data of various corners -In-car video of the flying lap "We spent two days with the McLaren MP4-12C on the street and hot lapped it around Buttonwillow’s 13CW...
  2. Mutual admiration - from McLaren MP4 owner

    Out driving yesterday, spied a McLaren MP4-12C Spider cruising around. Before I could roll down my window to give him a "thumbs up", he beat me to it! Big smile and head nod from the McLaren driver. Another member of the mutual respect club.
  3. Osiris_x11

    Got ~$250k burning a hole in your pocket?

    Got ~$250k burning a hole in your pocket? So, the ultra high-performance mid-engine exotic sports-car niche` is getting interesting again... Assuming you got ~$250k (U.S.D.) idle in your coffers, and you were actually in the market for the aforementioned type of platform, which of the...