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  1. Chris_Lum

    Steering Rack Noise (w/Video)

    Update: Fixed as of 3/31/22 (Steering Knock Bushing fixed the high speed steering wheel shaking) Background: I've been trying to track down a steering wheel vibration at high speed. I know it's usually caused by wheel imbalance, but I thought I'd get your opinions on the rack first. Car: 1991...
  2. C

    Help diagnose screeching noise

    I'm hoping to get some help and guidance on diagnosing two noises. I've searched/read on the forums and wiki sections and couldn't find similar symptoms. Firstly, I hear a high pitch screeching noise coming from the right side of the NSX. It's difficult to exactly tell if the noise is from...
  3. jaja

    Idler Pulley Bearing Replacement

    When cold starting my NSX, it sounded like it was supercharged for the first few minutes of driving! Cool (not). She was whining at me, and from what I researched, it sounded like the idler pulley bearing. Reference your service manual (section 22-77) to get at the pulley. I took the whole...