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nsx wheels

  1. G

    Wheels ***SOLD*** SOLD: Flawless HRE 527 3-Piece 18/19 with New Tires

    Selling my like new set of HRE 527 3-Piece forged wheels with brand new Continental Contisportcontact 5 Tires. Still has the colored markings from factory! This setup would cost $12k brand new and am only selling to fund some unexpected repairs I need to do ASAP. So please, reasonable offers...
  2. Ignition_Key

    NA2 New Wheel Setup ─ 18 Front and 19 Rears

    Hey Guys, I did search the forms to see if any member is/was running custom wheels with this exact setup that I have in mind, but no luck: Front: 18x8" Rears: 19x9" If I go with the above combo: Any issues with clearance/rubbing/grinding etc... What offsets for the front/rear would I have to...
  3. DDozier

    HRE 547R Wheels and Tire Combo

    HRE 547R Wheels and Tire Combo - SOLD I have a set of HRE 547R 3pc. Wheel with silver painted center and polished lip for sale. Tires are included (if you want them) and are Yokohama S-Drive front and rear. Fronts are nearly new with less than 500 miles on them and the rears are older with...
  4. MOD5 Eng.

    Wheels FS:2002-2005 OEM ACURA NSX Wheels - MINT - 2400 Miles - Brand New Tires - H&R Spacers

    FS:2002-2005 OEM ACURA NSX Wheels - MINT - 2400 Miles - Brand New Tires - H&R Spacers - I am selling my 2005 OEM ACURA NSX WHEELS. The wheels were purchased off a reputable NSX PRIME Member and came off his 2005 LBP NSX with 2400 miles. The wheels are 100% Original and don't have any flaws...
  5. W

    OEM '02+ wheels

    Looking for a set of the OEM '02+ wheels for my '04 LBB NSX. If you know of any - let me know. Thanks!
  6. NSX1145

    Wheels NSX SPEC - Desmond Regamaster 17 / 18 " Staggered Setup

  7. NSX1145

    Wheels Authentic NSX-SPEC SSR GT03 Wheels 18x8 19x10 3-Piece

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  8. Caroline-NSX

    Post your most recent picture of your NSX...

    I would like to see your most recent picture of your NSX. Let see what you got :biggrin:. It doesn't take but 5 min. to take a picture and post it on here. Come on guys let see what you got, Hahaha! You ain't scared to show off your NSX aren't cha !? :smile: I always see member here talking...
  9. W

    Group Buy Forged 1 Wheels

    SX Prime Group Buy Form This is a: Direct vendor group buy Minimum Number of Units: Tier 1: 1-2 sets Tier 2: 3-5 sets Tier 3: 5+ sets Maximum Number of Units: Unlimited Closing Date: October 8 Product Will Ship: Once wheels are complete Payment Procedure: Deposit of $1000 upon...
  10. MadtownNSX

    Wheels WTB - Wheels 18/19

    Looking to purchase a used set of wheels in 18/19 with or without tires. No chrome, no bends, no stories. Let me know what you have...