1. Stevon

    Exhaust ODBII secondary O2 test simulator

    Have for sale secondary O2 sensor simulators for testing and off road use only! Simulates heater and readings of secodary sensors to ECU so no error codes are shown while testing. The connectors just plug into ODBII compliant NSX harness, one male and one female connector for each bank of...
  2. Stevon

    ODBII Connector for 95 NSX T where?

    I have a 1995 NSX ODB2 NSX. Where the hell is the Data Link Connector? Can't find it under the glove box. Took glove box out and lower panels but only find the blue two wire MIL connector. I Know that Acura 1995 ODBII is the later standard compliant with the exception of a j1962 connector...