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  1. Rockeim

    Engine went hot once + check engine sign days later (coincidence?)

    Good day from Norway, NSX owners! I finally bought my dream car, a '91 NSX manual (not in snap ring range). The car is well maintained and doesn't carrie the stamps of a 30 year old car - interior isn't worn, exterior's flawless because it's newly been repainted (not crashed) by previous owner...
  2. jaja

    "Heater on Full Blast"..Myth?

    Strictly speaking, with the heater on, it acts as a miniature HX removing heat from the coolant. Meaning more energy is leaving the system than with the heater off. OK I get it. But are we talking 1% cooling or 0.001%?? I might be ignorant, but having the heat on full blast seems more of a...
  3. Regarding C30A head gaskets and overheating

    After having read a few threads about a few nsx owners having issues with the C30A composite head gasket, particularly after engine overheating, a new concern has triggered my paranoia about enjoying my car. Thus I am creating this thread to shed some more light on the issue and dispel some of...