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  1. Joa

    Interior clock "DISPLAY" plastic cover

    My 1991 NSX is missing its Clock set DISPLAY plastic cover. Picture I found online attached. I believe just that little flip cover broke (new car to me) and believe that's all I really need. Scoured the internet, but no cigar. Any and all help will be deeply appreciated.
  2. N-Wing

    Engine smells like burnt plastic and black "soot" on the bumper.

    I searched and see discussions on both which I read through. Most were very old so I'm checking to see if there were any recent revelations. Two symptoms, both may very well be benign. 1. In my 2000 NSX I have always smelled a burnt plastic smell out of the engine bay vent after driving...
  3. H

    interior plastic

    Not sure what there called. It's the interior plastic strips along the right and left side of the windshield running from top to bottom. I want them in black. Can trade for my current off white pair. Kevin [email protected]
  4. NSX41

    Interior Oem interior parts.

    hello NSX owners, i'm looking for a plastic cover that covers the windshield frame from inside of the car. i have a 1995 t top. please contact me, will buy or trade.