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  1. Risen

    Interior SoS A Pillar Dual Gauge Pod 52mm

    Science of Speed Dual Gauge Pod for 52mm Gauges for LHD NSX. https://www.scienceofspeed.com/index.php/nsx/enpp/scienceofspeed-dual-gauge-pillar-pod.html Paid $100 something last year, but looks like they lowered their price on it to $80. It’s new. I opened it up from the plastic to test fit it...
  2. ENT

    Interior Leather Navigation NAV Pod

    Leather covered NAV pod that was custom designed to fit and match the NSX's black leather interior. Dimensions of opening in pod: 6 1/4" wide X 3 3/4" high Dimensions of currently installed NAV display: 6 3/8" wide X 4" high Note: The display pictured is included but it is not functional...