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  1. MTHRiduz

    An Interesting Morning Featuring a Ferrari F40 and a Porsche 959

    It was the best day of my life to see both of these rare cars side by side. Big thanks to Ed and Ediddy for making this happen!!!
  2. Accel Junky

    Would you ever consider selling your NSX for a 997 GT3?

    I remember when I was a kid. I had an NSX matchbox car right when the car came out. That all black roof with the red paint was something I had never seen. It was futuristic to me. I had posters of the Countach on my wall that I drooled over at the book fair. The 997 GT3 is like that for me now...
  3. ryneen

    Porsche Owner Club Time Trial event in my NSX @ Laguna Seca

    This event was last year at Laguna Seca. I'm still very impressed on how quick a stockish NSX still is compared to modern Porsches. I ended up being 3rd quickest for the weekend behind a GT3 on Hossiers and a GT3RS. However, even though I don't foresee ever selling my NSX, I do want a GT3RS in...
  4. NSX69

    NewsDay on the Original NSX

    Honda's groundbreaking Acura NSX influenced Ferrari, challenged Lamborghini, Porsche Photo credit: Honda | The Acura NSX had VTEC variable valve timing, titanium connecting rods, all-aluminum body and suspension. Does this sound like a 25-year-old car? Nope. Acura's NSX has run circles...
  5. oscar_driver

    2013 Sebring 12 hs - Mini Coverage inside

    What a great experience, to see these machines alive and flying was a honor! Per tittle, I wasn't there all day, but here are some of my favorites: ALL PHOTOS HERE http://moyanophotography.com/automotive/sebring2013 This sequence was pretty wicked! So is this the time...
  6. oscar_driver

    Fort Lauderdale Ferrari Run + Exotics + NSX :)

    Last weekend we had a very fun bbq @ the Ferrari Fort Lauderdale dealer, then a cruise to the Dolphins Stadium for a private tour, it was a hell of fun, of course, my red NSX came :) and here are some of the pictures :) Enjoy...
  7. oscar_driver

    My Automotive Photos - MoyanoDesign

    I will start upload every once in a while in HERE, this thread, all my personal favorite pictures/sets of really worthy cars that I had the privilege to photograph! I am very limited with my camera but a better equipment will come soon, still, I would like to share some of my favorite sets :)...
  8. oscar_driver

    July 9th South Florida drive To Palm Beach Pics - 56 K Nightmare

    Our local group of enthusiast decide to go for a nice drive, we had monsoon rains until 10am, still amazingly we had a HUGE turn over of cars! here are the pics: (as seen here: http://nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php?t=149857 )...
  9. Caustic

    2012 GTR or 2008 Porsche Turbo?

    You can get a new GTR for a little over $94k, a low mileage Porsche Turbo is close in price. Which would you get, and why? And if you think there are other exotics in this price range that are better, toss them in too! (but no NSX with <insert name="" here=""> Lovefab/Angus/SoS/etc. mods, I...