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  1. PPI near Monterey

    Hi everyone, I am new to NSX Prime. I am a prospective buyer. I've been searching for the right NSX for about a year. I have a car that I am looking at, but would like to do a PPI before I purchase. Does anyone have a recommendation for where I can do a PPI on a NA1? I know of a couple of...
  2. PPI in Northern Mississippi

    Hi- I'm looking for someone to do a pre-purchase inspection near Booneville Mississippi. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!
  3. DaBee

    Remote PPI Services?

    Does anyone have experience with, or knowledge of, remote PPI services such as www.automobileinspections.com or www.aimmobileinspections.com? I realize these services aren't likely to have NSX-specific knowledge, but it seems they can still vaerify the car doesn't have any strange noises, the...
  4. High percentage of leakage in #1 & #4 cylinders: Advice?!?!?!

    I'm in the midst of purchasing a 1992 NSX (2 owner) with 55K miles and completely stock. Having the PPI completed at local Acura Dealership; compression results came back as follows: Cylinder: 1) 175 2) 175 3) 175 4) 175 5) 176 6) 176 which seems to be ok and normal. The concerning factor here...
  5. Precision Power PPI DCX600.4 Competition 4-Channel Amplifier

    SOLD ! <div><font face="Verdana">This amplifier is used in perfect working condition. *Comes with original box, all manuals, and original accessories. *Nothing is missing. I used this to run 2 channels for the front speakers, and 2 channels bridged for the subwoofer. This was placed in my...
  6. Yinzer

    Prospective puchase's maintenance history question - glass half empty or half full?

    I have 2 question for anyone who's willing: one specific to an NSX I'm considering and one that's a somewhat philosophical question to NSX/car shopping in general. #1) I'm looking at an early NA1 with ~70k miles that has the following records. I don't believe the pile of records is complete...
  7. Recommended Pre Purchase Inspection in Los Angeles, CA

    Hi, I'm trying to look for a very good place to get a PPI done in or around Los Angeles. Does any have any suggestions? I also want to get the frame inspected, does anyone have any suggestions for that?