1. Mr. Fuji

    Rally Advice Please! NSX In Dustball 2016 - Vegas To Vancouver

    Hi Primers, After some thought and lots of disucssion, i've done it! My car is entered in the Dustball Rally from Las Vegas NV to Vancouver BC in July 2016...
  2. "1 Lap of Atlanta - Dawn Run" by Speed & Mischief

    <Date> September, 18th, 2011 <Day> Sunday <Rondevu Time> 0600Hrs <Launch time> Sunrise - 0702hrs <Location> Lat 33.65 , Lon -84.42, Atlanta, GA, SE United States <Address> Undisclosed to public, registered Attendees only Beautiful early Sunday morning dawns upon us not with oh so sweet bird...
  3. flabuf

    Rally, Car Museum, and Bar-B-Que

    Well guys (and gals) I've finally created the first NSX gathering in my capacity as the SouthEast Regional Representative after attending the NSXPO in Vegas (Which was phenomenal - you should have been there - 130+ NSX's, autocross, carting, tons of fun!) So, here are the particulars: November...