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  1. Big McLargeHuge

    5-Speed Gears & Mainshaft Replacement

    Greetings everyone, I'm in the middle of my 5-speed transmission rebuild. It already has the JDM shorter gears for 2-4 installed, and I'm putting in the NSX-R 4.23:1 countershaft, ring gear, and oil pump drive gear as well. I've completely disassembled both main & countershafts for inspection...
  2. D

    transmission rebuild in souther california -- advice?

    i've got a '91 with 130k miles. my snap ring failed last week and acura wants to charge me $10k to install a new transmission... forget that. i'm looking to rebuild the transmission, go with the short gear set up, and (depending on cost) maybe upgrade the final drive. weir canyon acura...