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route ks

  1. jznsn2u

    Advance Garage Tour! Photos & Video- Japan 2023

    I had an opportunity to visit Advance garage in Japan! They've been making aftermarket parts for the NSX for decades. They're very popular for the customization and quality of their parts. Please enjoy the video and photos! Info from the Advance-JP website "Advance opened in April 1991, in...
  2. Velveeta

    Exhaust Kawagen Exhaust W/Test Pipes and Comptech CF Intake for SALE!

    Hello all. I have available a pre '02 Kawagen Exhaust w/test pipes and a Comptech CF intake available for immediate sale. Unfortunately I no longer own my 2000 NSX :frown: But I am willing to finally let go of my performance parts. Among these items (all used of course) I also have available...
  3. A.S. Motorsport

    Route KS parts @ A.S. Motorsport

    Hello everyone, We can import all Route KS parts straight from Japan. Here you have a small line up. ZAZ RGT (NSX-RGT replica) Le Mans kit (95 Le Mans style) Hornet Other Route KS exterior parts are also available. Headlight cover Super GT Style Roof scoop (Great...