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sakebomb garage

  1. SakeBomb Garage

    SAKEBOMB GARAGE FPSpec Long-Stroke Ohlins DFV - ON SALE for April 2023!

    SAKEBOMB GARAGE FPSpec Long-Stroke Ohlins DFV - ON SALE for April 2023! Take advantage of it while you can! For any inquires, email us [email protected] for any questions on how to place an order! Check out product page, click below...
  2. SakeBomb Garage

    2023 Spring Sale from SakeBomb Garage!

  3. SakeBomb Garage


    SPRING IS COMING UP EARLY WITH SAKEBOMB GARAGE! For all our NSX Prime customers, we are running a limited time group buy with pre-orders for our NSX Ohlins Grand Touring and Race coilover kits. Please use coupon code "SBGNSX200" for $200 off your order, upon check out...
  4. SakeBomb Garage

    Ohlins FPSpec DFV Kit back in stock!

    Back in stock are the FPSpec Ohlins DFV Kit for the NSX! Use the coupon code "NSXPRIMEOHLINS" for $250 off the kit, upon checkout on our website. Email us [email protected] for any other questions or details on how to place an order! ***Pre-Order pricing good only through October 9...
  5. SakeBomb Garage

    SakeBomb Garage - NSX FPSpec Long-Stroke Ohlins DFV Kit

    IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP OUT! SakeBomb Garage FPSpec Long-Stroke DFV kit for the NSX! Email us - [email protected] - or help on how to order! Please use code "W4V115" for 5% off this product on the website, upon checkout! https://www.sakebombgarage.com/fpspec-ohlins-dfv-nsx/ Product...
  6. SakeBomb Garage

    Ohlins FPspec DFV kit for NSX (IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP!)

    IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP OUT! OHLINS FPspec DFV kit for the NSX! Email us [email protected] for help on how to order! https://www.sakebombgarage.com/fpspec-ohlins-dfv-nsx/ Product Features Include: Custom Long-Stroke Öhlins DFV Damper Bodies Exclusive to SBG Available in Two...
  7. SakeBomb Garage

    Price increase: Ohlins coilover kits

    ANNOUCEMENT! All Ohlins coilover kits on our website such as FPSpec, standard, road/track, etc will be increasing in price of about $200. Pricing will be implemented by Monday (1/31/22). Unfortunately, the increase in price is due to the manufacture increasing their price as well. We can...
  8. SakeBomb Garage

    WHEEL WEDNESDAY: RZ+ Forged Comp Wheels

    Don't forget to put your order in, while they're still in stock, for these amazing looking RZ+ Forged Competition wheels, available in both Matte Bronze and Gunmetal Grey! Email us [email protected] to help place your order! https://www.sakebombgarage.com/
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    BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! First off, we wanted to thank everyone who ordered during the holidays, we deeply appreciate your support! Secondly, we are deeply sorry for all the delays in emails/orders, as we weren't able to get back to all of you guys just yet but we are trying our best to catch up...
  10. SakeBomb Garage

    Holiday Sales: 10% off all products on website

    Reward your friends, family, or yourself with parts for your FD, S2K, NSX, etc while there's a 10% discount sale on the website! Just use the code "HOLIDAYS2021" upon checkout. For any questions, email us [email protected] to help with your order today! https://www.sakebombgarage.com/