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  1. 94nsxdude

    Interior 2000 OEM Driver Airbag and Seatbelts

    driver airbag - $175 + shipping driver and passenger seatbelts - $375 + shipping driver airbag: driver seatbelt: passenger seatbelt:
  2. B

    Seatbelt not retracting properly 1996 NSX T

    My driver seatbelt is not retracting properly on my 1996 NSX T I took it to an Acura dealer (Nissani Acura in Culver City, CA) they tried to r&r and clean it but it did not work... I have to feed it in to retract (first world problem, I know). They are now telling me that the tension-er part...
  3. NSX41

    1995 acura nsx passenger seatbelt

    got one, thanks...
  4. U

    2003 Passenger side seatbelt wanted

    Hi, My salvaged '03 is in need of some parts for the passenger side seat belt. The gear box is broken- rest of the assembly is good. Assuming that the entire seatbelt assembly is sold as a unit, let me know if you have one available. In the unlikely event that just the gear box can be...