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  1. N

    Exterior WTB Seibon rear apron, Downforce front chin spoiler, etc.

    Hi I am looking to see if anyone out there is selling the Seibon carbon rear apron for 02-05. Also looking for Downforce front chin spoiler in carbon. Pretty much anything carbon I could be interested in. Please let me know if you have anything that you are trying to get rid of. Thank you, Ty
  2. S

    Seibon Carbon CF Engine Cover Lid

    Seibon CF Engine Cover. There are predrilled holes for the prop and mount. Also comes with a custom bracket for the strut if it doesn't clear strut brace. Just some minor scratches and a small chip. Local pickup only for now in SF Bay Area. $450 ​​​SOLD
  3. DDozier

    Exterior Seibon 2002+ OEM style Carbon vented hood

    SOLD - Seibon 2002+ OEM style Carbon vented hood I have a Seibon 2002+ Carbon OEM style Type R vented hood for sale. It has been on my car for 3 years and has been garage stored in a temperature controlled garage. Only exposure to sun light is when out for a drive. The hood is in very good...
  4. Yawwn

    Installing a Difflow diffuser on a car w 2002+ Seibon rear valence

    Hello fellow members, I haven't really seen any threads about how to install the Difflow diffuser onto a car with the Seibon 2002+ rear valence. The problem with this is that it doesn't fit like the typical OEM 2002+ rear valence. For one thing, the Seibon is too stubby in the bottom part where...
  5. C

    Exterior Pair of Brand New Seibon CF Fenders

    Have a brand new set of Seibon CF fenders that I need to sell due to the high shipping cost to Japan(Weird, right?, importing parts from America). $700, Local Pick Up preferred but I'll compromise if you really want them. It'll just take a little bit of coordination since the fenders are located...
  6. Yawwn

    Exterior WTB: 2002+ OEM or aftermarket parts to update my 91

  7. S

    Exterior Seibon Carbon Fiber Spoiler **NEVER USED**

    Beautiful, never before used Seibon Carbon fiber spoiler! The carbon fiber weave is so intricate and detailed. A must have for any first and/or second gen NSX owner/enthusiast. This will define your NSX as the most unique one around. You will turn heads and exert pure aggression with this SPORTY...
  8. Weedwhackers

    Seibon NSX-R Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    Thanks for looking!!! I'm selling this rear spoiler since i have sold my car. This is a Seibon NSX-R carbon fiber rear wing with 3rd break light. There is one small scratch on the spoiler, it is minor and not all the way thru the clear coat. It can also only be seen only in certain angles...
  9. C

    FS: Carbon Fiber NSX-R Wing with 3rd LED Tail Light

    SOLD... Moderator, please close thread. As the title states, selling a Carbon Fiber NSX-R wing (with 3rd tail-light). The piece is in excellent condition. Posting pictures soon Asking $400 (plus shipping - no Paypal fees)