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short gears

  1. Looking for NA1 5 spd JDM short gear set + 4.23 final drive

    Looks like these parts have been back-ordered for a year now. I'd appreciate any leads, and of course willing to pay a premium in case anyone wants to resell.
  2. Big McLargeHuge

    WTB: 5-Speed Transmission w/JDM Short Gears & 4.23 Final Drive

    See actual post below :wink:
  3. Help! 96 nsx differential problem during short gear/final drive upgrade

    Help!I have my car at the shop ( Zahntech in Redmond WA) with the transmission open....and the Japanese short gears and I was just informed that the gears/final drive I ordered from A.S. Motorsports are noncompatible with the 96 NSX 5sp transmission/differential.What are my options going...
  4. Prospeed

    Powertrain 91-96 NSX Transmission Rebuild kit, NSX-R Short Gears and NSX-R Final Drive!

    SOLD! Thanks Prime!
  5. randomharmony

    Powertrain JDM 5-spd Short Gears and 4.23 or CT 4.55 Ring & Pinion

    I am looking for the JDM 5 speed short gears set and 4.23 or Comptech 4.55 Ring & Pinion final drive. I am located in the bay area, feel free to contact me @ 408.480.3886 or email.