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side skirts

  1. redpencil

    WTB: OEM side skirts

    Hi all, I recently bought a 1996 NSX-T, Formula Red, that has an old Wings West body kit installed. My goal is to return to OEM look and I'm starting with what I think will be the biggest pain in the neck - the side skirts. Would prefer Formula Red but willing to buy other colors given the...
  2. dreamerstudio

    Exterior Garage Moving Sale

    —MORE PARTS ARE COMING SOON!!— Selling front end parts, side skirts and rear spoiler from 1992 White NSX I've sold 7 years ago. ALL parts are AS-IS. Body parts needs new painting. Prices are for pick-up only. (I've made some change due to needs of separation.) Turn signal covers(?) - 100.00...
  3. 9

    Original Marga Hills Side Skirts

    $800 OBO. Preferably pick up but willing to ship if you pay for shipping + Paypal protection fees. Call or text me for more information @ 920-944-5586 Located in Appleton, WI.
  4. Yawwn

    Exterior WTB: Door panels for Downforce Stacy Sideskirts

    Hello all, If anyone has the Stacy sideskirts door panels available for sale, I am interested in purchasing them. Thank you.
  5. N

    Body Shop recommendation in Maryland?

    I want to install side skirts, add rear spats and remove the valance on my 1992. Thinking of installing a real diffuser but concerned that my exhaust and turbo won't clear the diffuser. Any ideas on someone near Baltimore, Maryland that can provide some guidance? Thanks
  6. A

    Much difference between NA1 skirts and DownForce 2002 Factory Style Skirts?

    Hey all, I've got a 1995 NSX and was planning on getting some side skirts. I like the look of the "Stacy" skirts, but it seems everyone has them. I like the clean look of the DF 2002 Factory Style Skirts that SOS sells. My question is, how much lower to the ground are the skirts compared to my...
  7. MadtownNSX

    Stacy Side Skirts - BB

    Wanted to buy a pair of Stacy's side skirts in Black.
  8. K

    Sebring Silver hood, spoiler, vents and skirts

    All parts are off a 93 Sebring Silver manual and prices as listed OBO. Parts are located in Sacramento. Parts are all packaged and wrapped in the boxes my CF replacements/kit came in so it will ship well. 1. Hood - excellent condition $250 + exact shipping to where ever you are 2. Spoiler -...
  9. Moses

    Exterior 1991 Rear valence and side skirts Formula Red

    I have a rear valence off a 1991 and both passenger and driver side skirts available for sale. Both are in Formula Red Located in San Antonio, TX 120 shipped for either one. Pics will be posted this weekend
  10. S

    wtb: 02+ Side Skirts, Rear Bumper, NSX-R style Wing, DF Rear Valence (all in Black)

    I'm looking for OEM 02+ Side Skirts, Rear Bumper, NSX-R style Wing, DF Rear Valence (all in Black). well i guess the rear bumper is the same for all years so i guess any year in berlina black will do? would love OEM 02+ side skirts and rear valence all in berlina black too. and anyone...
  11. C

    Side Skirts/ Rocker Panel by Ritmo Lechers

    Hello, My name is Charles Harris I'm an International automotive parts dealer. I have sold to many people in various countries. I am a die hard race fan an amateur tuner and want to be drifter. Currently I am selling parts on ebay for NSX's. Below I have attached my item of the week. If...
  12. MadtownNSX

    WTB - Aftermarket Side Skirts (Black)

    Wanted - "Stacy Style" Side Skirts . Downforce Stacy Style Side skirts or Wings West. Painted Black in good condition. Please send me a PM if you have what I need. Thanks!

    Body Parts- Factory red trunk wing, side skirts, rear apron $400 OBO

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Thanks Prime!!! Factory red trunk wing, side skirts, rear apron $400 OBO If separate- Wing $300 Side Skirts $100 Valance $125 Dirty but not damaged! :tongue: Wing includes tail light. Removed from my '95 with 36K miles. Prefer to sell together but I have a...
  14. V

    Would anyone be interested in this skirt?

    Hi everyone, I was just curious if anyone would be interested in this skirt if I have them manufactured. I know the skirts with the door caps are custom made and not mass produced but I can have them made exactly like it shows in the picture. If anyone is interested please let me know and I'll...