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  1. M

    WTB: Wings west front lip and side skirts/ staceys side skirts, nsxr hood

    looking for - wings west front lip for a na1 - wings west side skirts or staceys sideskirts - nsxr na1 hood (pre 01) dont care if its carbon fiber or fiberglass let me know if you have any of these parts! :)
  2. Accel Junky

    CF NSXR Wing, Stacy sides, Innovate LC-1 Wideband Kit, Autometer Boost

    (Wing and sides sold. Over 20 people contacted me within 12hrs, I have not replied to everyone because of the time limit between PMs, so I am posted this here just in case.) I have the following parts still for sale, pics below and I do take paypal: - Innovate LC-1 Kit with red DB gauge (kit...