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  1. Arkaid

    Interior Momo Zagato Steering Wheel

    SOLD For sale is my Momo Zagato steering wheel. I ran this wheel for 4+ years on my NSX, but recently purchased an OEM Type S steering wheel so I am selling this one. This version of the steering wheel was found on the Alfa Romeo SZ/RZ. The shape and size of the Zagato is identical to the OEM...
  2. nsxnemo

    NA2 NSXR Steering Wheel

    Brand new NA2 NSXR steering wheel, wheel hub, horn button, horn ring & holder, and screws. $1000 shipped within US
  3. Steering Help?! Knock Knock who's there??

    Does anyone have any background in this problem? 1998-T 120K The wheel makes a noise only when I pull on in initially. I have not tried replacing the battery yet and after an alignment, the shop mentioned that nothing was loose. I have even checked myself and everything is firm in the steering...
  4. chussey

    Airbag and/or complete steering wheel for 91

    Looking for a good used airbag or airbag steering wheel combo that will fit a 91. Thanks!
  5. chussey

    WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE: Manual or power steering racks

    Looking for your steering racks that need work, or have a knock, in order to take some measurements and potentially offer a rebuild kit. Let me know what you have and how much you are looking to get for it. Thanks!
  6. Risen

    Outer tie rod replacement issue

    I have a 92 NSX. The boot on my front left outer tie rod ripped so I purchased another outer tie rod (Aftermarket, but OEM fitment). When I received it, I noticed the outer end did not fit because it is missing a bushing? Below is the OEM one from my car with the bushing (right below the...
  7. Steering tie rod wear & repair

    First, a little bit of background my 1991 manual NSX with now 106K miles has been joy to drive. There has been no suspension work performed on the car ever. Naturally, the non-assisted power steering has a different feel from many other modern passengers due to lack of boost/assist. This past...
  8. jond

    Sound from electric steering rack -- video attached

    Any ideas on this? It only makes this sound at low speed under the initial turning of the wheel. Are there any parts on the steering rack that are replaceable that could cause this, or is more of just replace the entire steering rack? <embed width="440" height="420"...
  9. Strange Handling Issue

    Hi All, Im new to the site. Hopefully I can have something to add as time goes on. For the moment though, I would like to pick your collective minds on a problem that I'm having. I have recently acquired a 1991 NSX in Vancouver area (California car). Now that the weather is drying up Im...
  10. schuey1010

    Interior FS: 2001 air bag/steering wheel

    FS - For sale is the original drivers side air bag from my 2001 removed at about 4000 miles for a JDM "H" airbag. I bought the entire wheel/air bag from panda garage I believe. I only removed the air bag and the japanese character cruise buttons. The wheel comes with the USDM cruise buttons...
  11. Stevon

    95 NSX Misc parts for sale

    $225 - 95'-96' Throttle by wire throttle body assembly (low miles) $25ea- Plastic windshield pillar covers beige $50 - Front Radiator fan motor no blade or shroud $55 - 91 A/C condensor fan motor + Blade, no shroud (under fenders) $10 - cruize control bracket only $25 - Left driver side plastic...
  12. jond

    WTB Power Steering Rack -- 1997-2000

    I'm looking for a 1997-2000 Power Steering Rack. Part number is: 53601-SL0-A04 Please PM if you have one. Thanks, Jon EDIT: Found a rack. Thanks Prime! .
  13. Cantrell Concepts

    FS: Steering Wheel Hubs

    1 each available, all brand new. Rapid Steering Wheel Hub 155.00 Rapid Steering Wheel "Short" Hub 135.00 Sparco/ScienceofSpeed Steering Wheel Hub SOLD Shipping in the US is 12.00 each. Thanks, Will [email protected] http://nsxprime.com/wiki/Cantrell_Concepts
  14. Track Junkie

    New Bushings for Steering Rack?

    Wondering if anyone has experienced this...After years of track use with my '92, the bushing in the passenger end of my steering rack has worn considerably, resulting in a fairly annoying rattle anytime the slightest bump is encountered. I have recently replaced the inner and outer tie rod ends...
  15. ron968

    Parted out JDM '92 front clip

    I bought the front clip from Sean at Street Imports (95ttht). Here are the things I took from it: Left control arms Bumper and front lip Left Headlight assembly Bulkhead upper frame Left Fender and maybe one or two other little things Everything else remaining is for sale. Some of the things I...
  16. Steering wheel w/ airbag and passenger airbag

    I am a new nsx owner looking for factory steering wheel w/ airbag (unused) and passenger airbag (unused). I have to go through inspection so I need to get these items soon. I am on a tight budget so guys please work with me. :smile: