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  1. Interior WTB 2002-2005 oem radio stereo

    looking for a late model 02+ factory stereo located in socal thank you
  2. WTB: donor/ damaged/broken window regulator/ speakers/ lip

    Hey guys Looking to see if anyone has an old window regulator laying around - mainly need the cable in it as mine has warped. Also open to complete driver window regulator if you have it. Na1 oem front lip, KWV3 coilovers, as well as speakers (need all of them - open to aftermarket setup as...
  3. Interior For Sale Kenwood Double Din Stereo Monitor with DVD Receiver

    New in box. Not stolen. Kenwood DDX9702S Apple CarPlay, Android Auto Sell price $279 plus shipping from Arizona. Pay pal. PM me and thanks.
  4. Interior JVC Double Din Apple CarPlay Stereo for sale

    New in box. Not stolen. JVC KW-M740BT Current Amazon price $253. Sell price $179 plus shipping from Arizona. Pay pal accepted PM me and thanks.
  5. Speedmaster

    Interior 1995 Head Unit

    Works as designed. Very presentable (not beat up.) Will send photos to interested parties. Just tested again today - have video of me putting it through the programs. $650 Delivered in USA. Returns welcome if not as described. You get to pay shipping both ways though.
  6. NSX'er

    OEM center console

    I decided to buy a double din that retained the factory ash tray from Rick Ko at Euroboutique and no longer need this. I purchased this one from member Michael Adams a few months ago with intentions of butchering it into a double din!! But figured since these are discontinued, I would buy from...
  7. Interior FS: Radio, CD Changer, Ashtray, Sub, Center Console, Trunk Liner, Speaker Mounts

    I've replaced my factory Bose system with aftermarket components after discovering the previous owner of my NSX had only re-installed the factory head unit to sell the car. The only speaker working at the time I purchased the car was the subwoofer. After a little disassembly I found that the...
  8. WTB stock stereo head unit

    Thanks so much for helping put original parts back into my dream car! Email is the best way to reach me, [email protected]. Note, that's a "zero" in the email address not an "Oh". Thanks!
  9. chussey

    Fully functional Radio Head Unit in Great Shape

    These are getting tougher and tougher to find in good and working condition. Head unit from my 91, in great shape, all functions work properly. Replaced with aftermarket. $490
  10. Yawwn

    Tweeters in the front sails

    Hey guys, I installed my JBL tweeters from my 2-way speakers onto my front sails. The flush-mounted tweeters are bigger than the typical size that I've seen in other threads; they are probably the maximum size that will fit on the sails. I don't think a larger tweeter would fit within. As a...
  11. NewEra

    Bose Speakers and Subwoofer for Sale

    Hey Prime, I'm stripping the stock audio system out of my car and replacing with modern components so won't be needing the stock stuff. I haven't used the stock radio once since buying the car in September so not completely sure of their condition, but they did produce sound when i turned the...
  12. FS: Grom Audio USB + iPhone/iPod Cable + HON92 Cable (For 91-00 NSX)

    Hi everyone! I love these units, you can hook up your iPhone (or USB Drive or iPod) directly to your stock NSX head unit, and it sounds great! It even charges my iPhone too! This is an extra unit that I have. It has been used, but it works 100% perfectly fine. It has the latest firmware...
  13. Is replacing the entire stereo system the way to go?

    Hi Old Friends, and new friends too. I still have my '92 NSX and am getting it back into driving shape, which didn't require much as it has been a garage queen for a couple years. But now I am faced with what the Acura Dealer said was a failed head unit on the stereo. (The symptom was I was...
  14. Accel Junky

    Willman's Electronics status?

    UPDATE: I was finally able to get a response from Willman's. Sounds like they are in business still. Probably a couple weeks before they can get to my head unit. Has anyone sent them anything recently? I sent my OEM head unit there on the 13th, arrived on 16th but I can't get ahold of anyone on...
  15. chussey

    Kenwood head unit issues, popping and static.

    Hello everyone, I just installed a Kenwood KDC-X997 single DIN head unit into my 91 NSX, retaining the stock Bose speakers and amps. I am getting my speaker signals from the RCA outputs of the Kenwood headunit. All audio worked properly with the stock Bose headunit. The problem is I get a loud...
  16. Center Console Inquiry

    Has anyone had any experience with the following individual? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLcWAL-dYNQ I found it online and it is what I am looking for. A Double Din console with the ash tray in tact. The video and any info on it is extremely vague and looks to be possibly across the pond...
  17. NSXBRO2

    Interior For Sale: OEM Stereo Head Unit (non-functioning)

    SOLD!!! Up for sale is a used, non-functioning OEM stereo head unit from my 1993 NSX. The previous owner of my car had this unit repaired once before by La Jolla Audio Repair, but it seems to have bit the dust once again. When listening to the am/fm radio, the volume is very low and causes...
  18. Radio Antenna Question

    I am wondering if anyone else has this issue with their antenna: When I push the “on” button on my stereo system (when the stereo is in CD mode) for some reason the radio antenna is goes up. It this by design that the antenna will always go up, regardless of what mode it is in or it is just a...
  19. Jay444

    Interior WTB: Nav/DVD with trim PnP

    PM me if you have one to offer.
  20. Interior Boss OEM Driver-Side Speaker Module (from 2004 NSX)

    Asking very little! Only 80.00USD shipped within the Continental US. Message me for more detail!
  21. sporteknik

    NSX Factory CD Changer with Cable

    Excellent working condition NSX Factory CD Changer with factory Bose Head Unit to CD-Changer cable. $100 Shipped
  22. jond

    WTB -- CD Changer

    I'm looking for an OEM CD Changer. Edit: Thanks for all the offers. First one got my money. Thanks roger. Mods, please lock. .
  23. Interior NSX Upgrades for sale

    Hello all! I have several nice NSX interior upgrade parts available for sale. ALL PARTS ARE NEW, NEVER INSTALLED OR USED! 1) 2 carbon fiber gauge trim bezels for sale. From SOS $50 each 2) One set of Polished Gauge Rings for sale. From SOS $90 3) Radio Center...
  24. Stolen NSX - Found

    Last month my 97 NSX-T was stolen from my driveway, I found it 4 days later, parked in front of a restaurant less than 1 mile from my house. It had obviously been taken for a joyride, and used for "drifting", judging by the wear marks on the tires. The stereo had been ripped out. What I can not...
  25. truckadsjoe

    WTB Drivers speaker box, inoperative OK.

    I need a drivers door speaker box, I have the stuff to load into it, but no box, I somehow in my restoration tossed my junk one. Now I have an extra rt speaker assembly but no box to load it. email what your have please to [email protected] thanks