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  1. T

    Removing gas strut lift on trunk: does ball stud screw into a captured nut, or...?

    I want to replace the gas struts on my trunk lid, but noticed that when I begin to remove the ball stud, the more I loosen it the more the stud seems to 'wallow' or swivel...almost as though the captured nut (or whatever it's threaded into) in the trunk body panel has come loose on the back...
  2. F

    Greddy (Trust) Coupe Rear Strutbar

    SOLD. IN THE MAIL Greddy (Trust) Coupe rear strutbar. In excellent shape. Send me PM http://daliracing.com/v666-5/catalog/index_browse_part.cfm?focus=2153
  3. Weedwhackers

    Comptech Strut Tower Brace Red

    Thanks for looking! For sale is a Red Comptech strut tower brace. Great add for the looks, but a must add for those who are thinking about a supercharger. There is a small cut out on the right side that will allow the super charger to fit under the brace. I'm looking for $400 paypaled and...
  4. NSX-Appeal

    New trunk struts/cylinders for NSX: $49/pr, also OEM used: $10

    -- SOLD -- Thanks NSX Prime!