1. oscar_driver

    Memorabilia MEGA RARE Tamiya R/C Stock NSX 1/12 - Huge - Runs!

    EDIT: OK, Price has been lowered, I need this gone before my GF takes it to storage! Sad to let this go, but I never use it and it's at my daughters closet and she needs space! it's a mega-rare and honestly a BAD ASS looking Model! Perfectly running R/C nsx from the early 1990's - this is not...
  2. Found in Hong Kong: Tamiya 1/24 NSX Coupe (1991)

    I was recently on a trip to Hong Kong and purchased a model kit at a hobby shop in Mongkok. The model is made by Tamiya and is in 1/24th scale. I had never seen one of these models before. I thought you might find it interesting!
  3. s2ktaxi

    FS: Radio Controlled NSXs

    Thinning out my collection to make space. I'll be updating this thread with additional RC NSXs as I photograph them. Prices are based on what I paid for them. These will go on ebay in a couple of weeks but I wanted to give you guys first dibs. All items will be sold based on best offer within 2...