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tein springs

  1. alcatraz

    Acura NSX TEIN SKA66-AUB00 S.Tech Lowering Coil Springs for 91-05 Mod

    This product is a set of four TEIN coil springs designed to lower the ride height of your Acura NSX. With a front drop height of 0"-1" and a rear drop height of 1"-2" or 0"-1", these springs have a spring rate of 200-299 lbs/in. They are easy to replace and come with an OE/OEM part number of...
  2. Z

    Bilstein shocks + Tein S springs + OEM top hats

    Selling my used Bilstein shocks with Tein S Tech springs mounted along with OEM top hats. All 4 of them were mounted before I bought the car so total mileage is unknown but at least 23000km. The springs do lower the car a bit (.67" (17mm) front and 1.02" (26mm) rear). Condition is still very...
  3. C

    Suspension Tein springs

    SL140-01200, 784 lbs, set of two $ 60.00 SL160-01200, 896 lbs, set of two $ 60.00 SQ140-01175, 784 lbs, set of two $ 60.00 RS160-E1175, 896 lbs, set of two $ 80.00