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  1. chussey

    WANTED: Used timing belt, I'll cover shipping.

    Looking for a used timing belt so that I can turn over a spare engine I have. Don;t let your old timing belt go into the trash! I can cover shipping costs. Thanks!
  2. What's the cost of TB, WP, Tension.., Valve Adj, D-belts, S-plugs and misc seals

    I don't know if this is repeated discussion. I apologize if it is. Is $2600 fair or in the range? I got a quote of $2600 before tax from Buerkle Acura for timing belt, Tensioner, water pump, valve adjustment, drive belts, spark plugs and misc seals for valve covers and plugs replacements...
  3. Eric @ Teknotik

    I had my timing belt and waterpump service done (precautionary) this spring at Teknotik. I had asked around Toronto with the usual suspects for quotes and the responses I got were astronomical prices which did not include all required items to do the job (really, updated tb cover is 'extra'?) OR...
  4. gt_nfr

    Help diagnose ticking noise - w/video

    Hey guys, I've tried searching my issue but have not found anything consistent with what coundts as excessive ticking. I know injector tick at a pretty high frequency. But this noise just appeared about a month ago, after an oil change. I double checked the oil level and it's actually just...