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top speed

  1. RS-R Exhaust and Top Speed Pro Headers

    Was on my 91 NSX when I bought it and my car with about 55,000 miles on it. 1. RS-R exhaust is made is Japan and high quality. Great condition but does have some rust near the end of the inside of the tailpipes probably due to condensation from short drives but does not effect performance...
  2. BNIB Top Speed headers

    I have BNIB top speed headers. I ended up going with oem headers instead. These are new in box headers shipped direct to me from top speed in October. Actually rear was just recieved in December since they originally sent me two front headers. Some modificstion may be required per top speed...
  3. T-Ram

    Top Speed Header Problem

    Hello everyone I purchased a set of top speed headers here on prime and just wondering if any one has had any issues with fitment. The front bank header hits the h-frame and there for i had to grind the lip of the h-frame/cross member off to for the header to fit with everything else. I can see...