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turn signals

  1. Lamini

    Turn Signal Kits - vendors

    Looking for vendors on our front turn signal light kits for the NA1s. I've looked into the past somewhat, looking for options. Here's who we've had, and have. I know we have others with ideas as well, please chime in! - S4Play (www.euroboutique.us) - BrightLightTech ("BLT") - MugenKid...
  2. WTB: windshield wiper arms, jetz, wingswest, dali and ALOT of other oem parts!

    Looking for: - windshield wiper arms, let me know what you have (need both, or willing to buy singles) - nsx turn signal bulbs with balasts that plug into oem plug - floor mats - engine hatch struts (let me know what you have) - test pipes for a 91 nsx - 3pt engine bay strut bar - engine...
  3. Quix-Draw

    NSX Sequential T..T-a..T-a-i..T-a-i-l..TAILS!!

    Hey all, (Here you go Bat!!) Finished my installs on my Brake Light Pulser and Sequential Turn Signal kits from WebElectric Products on my stock taillights, bulbs and harness. I'm talking Q-u-a-l-i-t-y K-i-t-s!! 3rd light in wing pulses 4 times on initial application of brakes, then remains...