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voltage gauge

  1. Check Engine Code P505 - IAC System Malfunction (Covered Under Emissions Warranty!)

    I have previously posted about a problem I had with the battery voltage gauge fluctuating and having low RPM on idle. Thought it was the battery at first, but when the check engine light came on, it was code P505, which was the IAC valve. I took it to Acura of Glendale and they said that...
  2. Voltage Gauge Flickering. Check Engine Light On. Can Anyone Help?

    I have a 97 NSX-T with 110k miles on it. It had all its services and replacements done in time. With that said... The Check Engine light came on last night. Didn't have a problem the previous day. Then I notice that the pointer in the Voltage Gauge started to flicker and would stay a notch...