windshield wiper

  1. WTB: windshield wiper arms, jetz, wingswest, dali and ALOT of other oem parts!

    Looking for: - windshield wiper arms, let me know what you have (need both, or willing to buy singles) - nsx turn signal bulbs with balasts that plug into oem plug - floor mats - engine hatch struts (let me know what you have) - test pipes for a 91 nsx - 3pt engine bay strut bar - engine...
  2. pchristie

    WTB: Windshield wiper system

    Looking from windshield wiper fluid bottle to plumbing to nozzles 1992 (GP White), open to partials. Currently all my plumbing is missing as wiper bottle was used for water/meth. Thanks! Patrick Christie 612.203.1922 [email protected] Please Close Items found, Thanks!
  3. Prospeed

    WTB Windshield Wiper Arms

    Hi guys I need the Windshield Wiper Arms. Please PM me if you have them. Thanks! Brian
  4. Prospeed

    WTB: Windshield wiper only

    please delete
  5. Prospeed

    WTB: Windshield wiper motor and wipers

    Found one locally! Thanks guys!