1. luigib

    Wheels Winter Wheel/Tire Setup

    NSX is sold, so I no longer require this winter setup. Wheels are in 6/10 condition as the chrome plating could use some TLC with steel wool and polish. Tires (Pirelli Sottozero) are in great condition with only 2 seasons on them (less than 4k miles). Tire sizing is 215/45R17 - front...
  2. FF Drifter

    Vredestein Wintrac Extreme

    I've had these tires for a couple weeks now (about 1000 miles) and I am very happy with them. These tires are about as good in cold and wet conditions as my previous Yokohama S.Drives were in hot and dry conditions (both because the Vredesteins are that good and because the Yokohamas were that...